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Free First Class shipping on all orders in the USA. International Shipping Available.
Free First Class shipping on all orders in the USA. International Shipping Available.

Rare Caviar Grey Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp



Rare Caviar Grey Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp-Made in Pakistan- Chenab (8- 11 lbs,) - Dimmer Cord- Rosewood Base- Himalayan Salt Lamps


  • PREMIUM SALT – Crafted from 100% pure Gray Himalayan salt sourced from the Karak Salt Mine, our lamps are more structurally sound and less likely to chip, flake or deteriorate than the less expensive brands which use the Khewra mined salt riddled with impurities. Additionally, our Karak salt creates a richer, diffused glow than the Khewra, making our lamps perfect as stunning accent lights or night lights when dimmed.
  • RELAX – Our uniquely therapeutic grey salt lamps emit a soft diffused glow which creates a soothing ambiance for your home or workplace. These lamps make the perfect night light when dimmed to the lowest level and are ideal for softly light a Yoga or Meditation space.
  • UNIQUE – Our Gray Himalayan Salt lamps are works of art that will give your space a rare style that sets you apart from the crowd. Crafted from one of the finest woods in the world, our Indian Rosewood base serves as a richly colored and highly durable complement to your beautiful Karak grey salt rock.
  • SAFETY – To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, only high-quality electrical components are used in our Himalayan Salt Cords and Bulbs. Additionally, our Dimmer Switch and Cord are UL Certified and manufactured at an accredited ISO9001:2008 facility.
  • CARE – Our Indian Rosewood bases are secured with Stainless Steel screws and high-quality plastic anchors to prevent rusting. In addition, every Hazantree salt lamps come complete with a Hazantree Cleaning and Maintenance instruction card so you’ll know exactly how to easily keep your lamp in great condition.